• For retailers — how to categorize sustainable wines and have confidence in their certifications and authenticity
  • For wineries and wine producers — how to integrate sustainability into their operations; Marketing sustainability; Diversity training and creating a diversity plan and strategy; Designing and Writing Your Sustainability Report
  • Training wine store staff on the production and benefits of sustainable wines, the language of sustainability and how to describe them for consumers
  • Workshops for wine associations, wine companies on the business case for adopting sustainable practices; social responsibility; diversity; and developing effective sustainability programs

Speaking Engagements

Sandra is a seasoned and experienced public speaker having launched as a keynote speaker in 2009 for large conventions, industry associations and management conferences, represented by Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau. She is now represented by Weaving Influence for major keynote addresses; and also available for annual wine industry conferences, regional wine events and academic conferences. Here are examples of speaking topics and speech abstracts:

  • Diversity in the wine industry
  • Women in Wine
  • How The Wine Industry Can Capture The Attention Of Millennials and Generation X
  • Why sustainability matters to the wine consumer; What’s happening internationally and why you need to care; Sustainability in the wine industry…who cares?

Sustainability Speech Abstract

Conventional winemaking is characterized by pesticide usage, high water consumption, and a steep carbon footprint resulting from shipping bottles all over the globe. The search for a more eco-friendly way of doing things has led winemakers and wine drinkers alike to think differently about how we make and enjoy wine. Every aspect and phase of the wine industry has the potential to support or derail the ongoing quest for sustainability. Such issues have started to gain prominence as consumers pay greater attention to whether their food and beverages are produced in a responsible way and want to learn the cultural and environmental stories behind the wines they drink. Many in the industry globally are doing the right thing, striving to contribute to a more sustainable wine industry and a healthier planet, whether it is through supplier partnerships, winemaking, packaging or shipping.

But more must be done to embrace higher sustainability standards, treat workers and community with care, to educate retailers and integrate sustainability into brand messaging. Consumers want to see proof of sustainability efforts and outside endorsement of the company’s efforts as an unbiased validation. In our digital and social media age, transparency and authenticity are key. Leading sustainable certification programs are gaining momentum in Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Sustainability initiatives are emerging in other regions as wineries calculate the business case for corporate responsibility, the risks of climate change and the social license to operate.

Small group wine tours of sustainable wine regions

As founder of Fine Wine Divas, a founder of The Toast Experience and a seasoned global traveler, Sandra is an ideal tour guide and organizer for group wine trips to experience wine, fabulous food, historic villas, luxury hotels, more wine, picnics, designer shopping, vineyards, award winning wineries, plus the incredible company of other wine lovers. These are small group tours with a maximum of just 12 guests so you get the best of everything.

From Napa Valley to Italy, Spain, Australia and Africa, we will experience wine culture through conversations with lauded wine makers. In each country we’ll feature one-of-a kind luxury experiences and new wine cultural moments as we celebrate the region. With a focus on value, taste, cooking and wine pairings, Sandra will be your guide to the best wines in the world, and “next level” experiences that promote, learning, friendships and fun.

Guided wine tastings for corporate and fund-raising events

PRIVATE AND CORPORATE EVENTS: Benefit from Sandra’s expertise to make your event a true success. Begin you corporate board dinner with an educational, guided wine tasting rather than the typical cocktail hour. Or make your non-profit board dinner a food and wine pairing with discussion of each wine, why it pairs well with the menu item and how these wines contribute to environmental protection, biodiversity and rural community development. Team building, theme-oriented sessions, and tastings will bring people together in a fun, informative and focused way. Your teams will identify wines they enjoy while also learning about the geography, geology, cuisine, sustainable agriculture and climate change.

“He who knows how to taste wine does not drink wine, but savors secrets.”
– Salvador Dali

WINE EDUCATION and tailor-made wine classes

A wine educator, Sandra completed the French Wine Scholar course in 2010. She has taught a monthly wine course and food pairing for women wine enthusiasts who wish to learn how to identify and express their own tastes and sensations in fine wine. Members learn about wines from different regions, the heritage of wineries, sustainable wine making practices and the philosophies of wine makers. Classes are organized around grapes from different regions of the world and classes that go more broadly to study wines and winemaking in a single region. Course topics include:

  • Grape varieties
  • Understanding grape origin and geography
  • Exploring wine Regions
  • Grape growing, harvesting and sustainability