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Our ecological future depends upon agriculture as a key driver. Of all human activity, modern agriculture is the largest single contributor to global greenhouse gas production, to deforestation and to water consumption. Agriculture affects biodiversity, climate change, waste, soil degradation and water scarcity.

Viticulture, the process of growing wine grapes, and wine making, among the oldest agricultural practices in Western history, are equally culpable and in position to reverse these damaging practices and shift to greater agricultural sustainability.

Most people believe wine is a natural product that comes simply from grapes grown naturally with sunshine, soil, water and human attention; then crushed, fermented and bottled.  Many consumers view winemaking as this bucolic scene: a small vineyard nestled in a picturesque hillside, the farmer and his family close to nature and living in harmony with the seasons.

In fact wine growing is big business — a very industrialized process that is tough on environment and workers. It is a major global industry subject to the same cost constraints, desired profit margins and investor expectations as other industries, which affect the decision to adopt good environmental practices.

This site aims to identify how consumer choice can drive the wine industry to conserve and restore the earth’s natural systems, by helping to inform you about sustainable wines. This site will provide information and education, will point out best practices in the industry and introduce you to great tasting, sustainably produced wines.


“To take wine into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history”.
– Clifton Fadiman
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Modern agriculture is the largest single contributor to global greenhouse gas production, deforestation, and water consumption. Biodiversity, climate change…

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